As a rebel beauty co, we were keen on fighting for better prices and once again headed to the factories to see what can be done. So for the oval brush concept was created,We then worked directly with a brush company who advised us on the best brush length and thickness. After a few rounds of failures, we finally had it, an oval brush that balances between softness and control.

By extending the length of the bristles and increasing the thickness of the brush, we were able to have an experience during application that's soft to touch and dense enough to apply perfectly. Lastly, to reduce cost, we made 2 brushes; Sculptor & Artist. So you don’t have to buy one whole set at crazy cost, since these 2 fulfill most makeup needs. Now you are free. Instead of getting other brushes you only use 10% of the time & increase your cost by 80%, you get the brush you need. So Enjoy!