INTERNS welcome, THE FIGHT awaits you.

grow & experience life with a rebel startup

MOST PEOPLE DONT READ, if you read this you are, 50% more likely to win in life and getting hired. In any case, we are a rebel beauty startup looking to fight big companies by producing or selling beauty products priced for all, not just for some. Key goal is to empower all women through beauty.

So we are expanding and looking for passionate individuals to join us for the fight and gain some experience of their own ( while getting paid of course). Chosen interns will play a big part in our creative creation team, learn how to direct and create marketing efforts, and curate creative assets.

1.  What is our Criteria
- Interested in People
- Interested in Social media
- Love Makeup
- Creative ( if you think you are, you are)
- Passionate ( keen to make mistakes and learn)
- Legal to work ( No KTP also OK )

2. If i am keen/Mau/want/interested, what do I do? 
just send your CV to: by Dec 21th 2017. Note work starts: 2nd Feburary, 2017

3. What is the hiring process?
We will collect all portfolios and contact 5 - 8 candidates to interview. We thank the rest for their interest.
After interviewing we will the choosen 1 to bring on as interns.

4. What do I get If I am selected?
We will pay cash, of 2000K per month, Flexible working hours, 22 hours a week. You can work any way you like as long as you finish your projects. Min. 4 months term. extendable base on performance
We can also schedule work days together, and work around your needs as well.

5. What do I do as an intern?
Your role is important. You are part of the rebel co's creative marketing team.
- You are expected to share and discuss creative ideas
- Create strategy for marketing & sales
- Curate creative asset, i.e. instagram, website, and digital stores
- Help with administrative works
- Run marketing campaigns
- Find and propose marketing campaigns and collaboration.
- Product Packaging creation and print control, if needed

6. Other questions?
WA us at 081325183363 , Ask anything.