Support Perempuan Kepala Keluarga [PEKKA]

The National Economics Census Data of Indonesia (SUSENAS) showed that in 2010 the number of households headed by women reached 14%, representing more than 35 million people. Who are faced with discrimination, diminished rights, and life as one of the poorest socio-economic groups as 38.8% of women heads are illiterate. Due to constraints, most of these women work hard as agricultural laborers and are generally employed in the informal sector with average income less than IDR 10,000 (SGD$1.1) per day.

Knowing this, we needed to help and PEKKA's vision to empower women-headed households in order to contribute to building a prosperous, gender equitable and dignified social order is exactly what is needed. That is why we support them and their vision by donating 5% of our profits to help women empower themselves.

Key Programs:

1. Build Awareness for the struggles of Women Lead household
2. Increase Capability of Women Lead household
3. Strengthen Community Resources for Women Lead household
4. Legal Advocacy for Positive Change for Women Lead household

Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Do Something Today

PEKKA and your sisters need all the help they can get at:

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