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8 Inspiring Women - New Oval Brush FAQ

As you wonderful ladies know, we will be releasing our new Oval Brush soon and we are looking for 8 inspiring ladies to review our wonderful product.

We made this oval brush with love and feel free to read more below to feel the same:-



To provide some history, we actually created our oval brush after to talking the many beauty lovers and makeup artist who were not satisfied with the oval brushes in the market and its cost.

At Mad For Makeup, we are keen on fighting for better prices and once again headed to the factories to see what can be done. So for the oval brush concept, we worked directly with a brush company who advised us on the best length and thickness of the brush for the flawless finish we were looking for.

After a few rounds and failures we finally had it, an oval brush that balances between softness and control. By extending the length of the bristles and increasing the thickness of the brush, we were able to have an experience during application that's soft to touch and dense enough to apply perfectly.

We are absolutely thrilled in creating this and we know you will.


Summary Info

1. When does the Competition Closes?
30th October, 2017, 11.59 pm

2. How will the Winner Know?
We will post on instagram and DM the winners

3.Do I have to have 1000 followers?
NO. Thats not the point. We are looking for inspiring women, no matter how many followers you have.
See the previous 8 inspiring winners for our Better Beauty Blender, not all have 1000 followers [ but all inspires !]

4. How do you pick the winner/ What is the selection criteria?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are in general looking for inspiring women, from workers, to artist, to admins to even lovers. It doesn't matter what your background is, what matters is how you live your life. As such, we review based on:
I. Creative Nature
II. Passion for Life
III. Inclination to beauty/skincare

5. Do you need a blog to participate?
No you do not. Come as you are, with your Instagram.

6. If I win, what should I do?
We will send all winners a information pack on: what to do, what to expect and when to do them. So don't worry, just Join and we will guide you. Basically,
I. We will send you the goods
II. When you receive the goods, please review the item in 2 weeks
III. Please post review on instagram, hashtags ( TBA), and tag us
IV. Done! We will pick the best review 1 week after all reviews are in.

Also, dont worry about ongkir, We will take care of it!

7. Do I need to buy something to join?
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO & NO. Just repost the post below and tag us. 

Click here to go to the post!

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8.  How to Join?
Repost this picture and tag us, thats all!