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8 Inspiring Women - Winner FAQ

Winners Oval Brush

To the winners, you all were mind blowing-ly inspiring, some made us laugh, some made us cry but all were just super. 


1. What do I have to do now?
 Send us your address, contact and email

2. After I send the details?
We will send you the review set by Nov 20th

3. After I receive the review set what do I do?
There will be complete information in the set, but basically:
- Use the brush
- post a instagram review by 12th Dec
- Hashtag [ #rebelbrush ] & tag us [ ]

4. After I post the review what happens?
We will wait till all the reviews are in and choose the best 3 for $ and prizes

5. How do you pick the winners?
We are looking for inspiring, so we will review base on that and our analytics. We will announce on Dec 16th.

6. Can I review on a Blog/ Vlog/ Another Post as well?
Yes you totally can, but please let us know if you do, so we can take note.

7. Does doing a Vlog/Blog/ or posting help?
It wouldn't hurt, but please let us know.

8. What if my followers or Blog/Vlog audience is small?
We will run analytics that test inspiring, not views. So even if you run a small Blog/Vlog, what we look for is inspiration not audience; so dont worry, just do you.

The algorithm is our little secret, but we can say engagement is the key.

9. What do I win, if i get picked as top 3?
1st place: 500k IDR + 1000K worth of Bioderma
2nd place: 150k IDR + 650K worth of Bioderma
3rd place: 150k IDR + 650K worth of Bioderma

10.  How will i get my winnings?
We will ask for the winners account numbers (BCA/Mandiri)
We will send the bioderma gifts gratis, just tell us your skin type:

[dry/ oily/ combination]

11. So how do I use the 2 brushes?
The Artist - Is a larger brush, for a wider use such as foundation application
The Sculptor - Is a smaller brush for more exact use, like shaping and contouring.

Our Full Story:

To provide some history, we actually created our oval brush after to talking the many beauty lovers and makeup artist who were not satisfied with the oval brushes in the market and its cost.

As a rebel beauty co, we are keen on fighting for better prices and once again headed to the factories to see what can be done. So for the oval brush concept, we worked directly with a brush company who advised us on the best length and thickness of the brush for the flawless finish we were looking for.

After a few rounds and failures we finally had it, an oval brush that balances between softness and control. By extending the length of the bristles and increasing the thickness of the brush, we were able to have an experience during application that's soft to touch and dense enough to apply perfectly.

Lastly, to reduce cost, we made 2 brushes; Sculptor & Artist. So you don’t have to buy one whole set at crazy cost, since these 2 fulfill most makeup needs. Now you are free. Instead of getting other brushes you only use 10% of the time & increase your cost by 80%, you get the brush you need.