EVEN Better Beauty Blender

EVEN Better Beauty Blender


6 months ago after we sold out our first blender, we thought why don’t we make an even better version. So we went back to producers with our rebel’s feedback and made an Even Better Beauty Blender. A blender made by rebels for rebels, priced for all.

Our uniquely made Even Better Beauty Blender, is crafted specially for your blender needs & improves on our previous design by making it 30% softer & more absorbent. You will also find better coverage as well a more softer textured finish than other blenders.

Amazing Benefits:
- Hypoallergenic
- Non Latex
- Flawless
- Cotton Candy Soft
- Absorbent
- Softer Finish

Made by Mad for Makeup through trials and advice from Beauty experts. Thanks to them we are here. 

Size: 55 mm X 35 mm

From Singapore
Distributed by Mad For Makeup Co.

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