NATURALLY Better Blender

NATURALLY Better Blender


Our uniquely made Naturally Better Blender, is crafted specially for your blender needs & improves on our previous design by making it 30% more absorbent. You will also find better coverage as well a more softer textured finish than other blenders.

The puff shaped wonder gives users holding the round bottom a softer application, while gripping the ridge of the sponge, gives a more natural applciation. The pointy side is great for under the eyes and between the eyebrows, while the flatter domed end is nice everywhere else. It can also be used as a body blender when soaked.

A Blender made with beautiful professionals & your feedback, & priced specially for you.

Try it today while stock last. Limited Edition.


  • Expands 30% more vs others
  • Natural Finish
  • Body Blender
  • Latex Free
  • Super Absorbent
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Softer Finish

From Singapore
Distributed by Mad For Makeup Co.

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